2021 IPRA NSW round 1

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2021 IPRA NSW round 1

Post by mikrace » Mon Mar 01, 2021 10:55 am

My two races from Wakefield Park on the weekend.

It is hard to believe the issues that happened on the weekend for me. I have had none of these issues in testing...
Practice: Car ran great.

Quali: Blocked fuel filter due to tank foam breaking down.

Race 1: Engine overheated bad on lap 3. Short shifted and pretty much cruised around to be sure i finished. P4. Had 1 litre of water missing from cooling system, overflow bottle at same level. *Confused faces.

Race 2: Engine wont start easily after yesterday.. not surprised and sounds terrible in the pits. Seems to be ok at WOT during rollup lap, but feels dead in the mid-range. So i decide to send it and worry about it later. Exploded the diff housing somehow whilst battling for P2 and spun on my own oil.

Race 3 and 4: Team mascot for Macka.

Well done to everyone else. Some great drives and good racing to watch =D>

PS: i know the wiper is annoyingly in shot. Will move the camera position next time.
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