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Commerical Customers Advertising

Post by davel » Sat Jan 24, 2009 12:20 pm

As some of you may have already noticed, we now have commercial customers advertising on the forum. We have decided to go this way to ensure the longer term viability of the forum and recover costs associated with running the forum that various individuals have previously provided out of their own pocket.

We are limiting the advertising to ensure that there is minimal impact to your experience but still provides the advertiser good value for money and allowing commercial offerings/specials in the For Sale/Wanted section of the forum from those advertisers within a dedicated area. Commercial posts in the general For Sale/Wanted area are still prohibited unless they are made by the advertiser in their specific area.

There is also a cap of a maximum of 5 commercial organisations advertising at any time and they must be directly related to supplying parts or services that could be usable by IPRA Forum readers.

It should also be highlighted that the IPRA Forum is in no way associated with any IPRA club or CAMS in any way shape or form. It was simply started to keep IPRA competitors, officals and interested parties informed and communicating with each other in between rounds. The forum is now being operated by Technology Masters Pty Ltd (and has been for some time, hence the URL being and it has no direct relationship with any IPRA club or CAMS. Each advertiser is advised of this fact and if they wish to sponsor any of the IPRA clubs, contact details are being provided to them to ensure that we are not taking money away from the clubs - as a competitor I would hate to see fellow competitors suffer to cover the costs of running this forum by missing out on sponsorship to the club.

Technology Masters is also not making any statement about the quality or otherwise of suppliers products or their levels of service.

If anyone has any concerns/queries about this or wish to find out about becoming a commercial advertiser, please contact me directly via email or PM and we can discuss.

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