sold - Early Commodore Parts Vb to VK and LS Stuff

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excom cup
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sold - Early Commodore Parts Vb to VK and LS Stuff

Post by excom cup » Thu May 17, 2018 12:33 pm

hi guys,
I am finally selling some excess gear I do not need anymore. I will be adding to this list as I still finding more and more stuff..... I don't need it so make a reasonable offer and you may be surprised. Just text me for photos as I am still taking them. This is the start.
1. 2000 VT GTS CB4 engine, no inlet manifold, comes with CRS engine mounts, complete to flywheel. pick one of the manifolds to go with it for free
2. EFI LS1 inlet manifold with SS inductions large throttle body, stainless steel inlet pipe with air temp sensor hole
3. Edelbrock performer inlet manifold for LS1 with MSD ignition box to control the 8 coils - LS1 only, 24 tooth wheel model. NOT LS2
4. Com Cup complete front coilovers with springs with 330mm discs and twin piston calipers sold
5. commodore cup diff, full floater conversion, needs axles and centre, 28 spline from memory. sold
6. VS Complete com cup motor, may need a rebuild. Was Matt Chick’s engine and has not been run in 2 years now. Built by previous Garry Rogers Racing engine man when they were holden before the Volvo switch. This includes yella Terra heads, platinum roller rockers, edelbrock performer manifold, 550 Holley Carb, flywheel, clutch and full race ready sump and primary exhaust manifold. Has not been started in 2 years, raced about 4 years ago. May need a freshen up. Built and sealed as per com cup rules for the VS. SOLD
7. Converted Edelbrock inlet manifold by EFI Hardware, now has 8 injectors and fuel rail, I have a 1000CFM 4 barrel throttle body with the needed sensors if you were to go EFI for 253/308/355 with early heads SOLD
8. T-10 Synchro Com Cup gearbox, built to the VH commodore rules
9. SBC/ fits LS1 bellhousing for LS1 to T-10 gearbox, retains cable clutch ( the NT guys are using this setup now for their Com Cup series)
10. Hydraulic clutch conversion and deletion of brake booster set up, includes pedals, reservoir etc
11. 650 Holley dumper pumper from Hume performance, never used, trial fitted to LS only. Can be bouoght at a discount with LS1 Edelbrock Performer Manifold and MSD box
12. 9 Reflex com cup wheels, still have our Dunlops on them from Com Cup and are all painted black. one set with good set of tyres, the other 2 good for moving the car around on only.... Do have another set with Kumho 700's on them and used once, but that was 4 years ago now. SOLD

there will be more when I get to the storage shed but this is a start.

There will be more, I am in Wollongong (Shell Cove) area and my number is 0439 409 036. There is too much to post pics of, so please text me and let me know what you would like a pic of.

Cheers Dave
Cheers Dave
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0439 409 036

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